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For over thirty years, H&H Medical Corporation has created innovative and cost-effective solutions for thier customers. Founded on the core values of customer service, smart solutions, and cost competitiveness, H&H has brought innovation and excellence to military, civilian, and commercial customers in a variety of fields.

H&H began as an engineering consulting firm located in the Washington D. C. metropolitan area. Their expertise in federal contracting and systems engineering helped programs for different organizations from the U.S. Navy to the Federal Aviation Administration. Leading government contractor companies came to H&H for their unique insights and intelligent solutions to help solve complex engineering problems.

More than ten years ago, H&H brought their expertise to the combat first aid environment for the U. S. Marine Corps. Their ability to design and manufacture low-cost, world class medical bandages and trauma solutions has brought more lifesaving devices to the field than ever before.

Today, H&H creates their unique solutions in our factory in Williamsburg, Virginia. Their team of skilled, dedicated workers makes sure that the product designed is the product created. They work closely with our customers, learning from their experiences in the field and with our products to create the best possible solution while maintaining cost competitiveness.

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Adult Trauma Response Pack Big Cinch Abdominal Bandage - 12"x16" ABD Bolin Chest Seal
Bolin Chest Seal
Our Price: $25.25
Bolin Chest Seal - (Case of 25) CINCH TIGHT Bandage 8"x10" Civilian Cric Pack (Cricotyrotomy Kit)
ClearCool Hydrogel Burn Dressing Combat Eye Shield Combat Medic Tape
Combat Eye Shield
Our Price: $12.36
Combat Medic Tape
Our Price: $1.99
Compact Would Seal Compressed Elastic Wrap 3"x5yd Compressed Gauze
Compact Would Seal
Our Price: $14.90
Compressed Gauze
Our Price: $2.59
Dry Sterile Burn Dressing and Super Combat Cravat Enhanced Pneumothorax Needle Flat Compressed Gauze
Flat Compressed Gauze
Our Price: $2.59
Flat Fold Duct Tape (2"x100") H Bandage - Flat Fold H Bandage - Regular Fold
H Bandage - Flat Fold
Our Price: $9.95
H&H Pocket Kit HTEK Advanced Trauma Pack HTEK Personal Trauma Pack
H&H Pocket Kit
Our Price: $46.50
HTEK Advanced Trauma Pack
Our Price: $59.95
HTEK Personal Trauma Pack
Our Price: $51.75
Klever Kutter Safety Cutter - Red Mini Compression Bandage Operational Medical Kit
Operational Medical Kit
Our Price: $87.50
Penetrating Chest Injury Kit Response TK Windlass Tourniquet Standard Tuxedo Trauma Kit (BCS, Thin H Std., TK-4L)
Sterile Burn Blanket Tactical Combat Casualty Care Documentation Card - 10 Pack (Marine Corp Edition) Tactical Combat Casualty Care Documentation Card - 10 Pack (Standard)
Sterile Burn Blanket
Our Price: $5.95
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