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Want to know what the U.S. Military buys? Here's the list! These are all products with a National Stock Number (NSN) that have been purchased by the U.S. military for their first aid medical kits. Some of these products are exclusive to the U.S. military but many are available to you.
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Combat Medic Tape Flat Compressed Gauze Compressed Gauze
Combat Medic Tape
Our Price: $1.99
Flat Compressed Gauze
Our Price: $2.59
Compressed Gauze
Our Price: $2.59
Sterile Burn Blanket CINCH TIGHT Bandage 8"x10" Thin H Bandage Compression Dressing - Flat Fold
Sterile Burn Blanket
Our Price: $5.95
H Bandage - Regular Fold H Bandage - Flat Fold Big Cinch Abdominal Bandage - 12"x16" ABD
H Bandage - Flat Fold
Our Price: $9.95
Thin H-Bandage - Standard Fold Tension Pneumothorax Access Kit (TPAK) Combat Eye Shield
Combat Eye Shield
Our Price: $12.36
Wound Seal Bolin Chest Seal Tactical Combat Casualty Care Documentation Card - 10 Pack (Marine Corp Edition)
Wound Seal
Our Price: $12.95
Bolin Chest Seal
Our Price: $25.25
Tactical Combat Casualty Care Documentation Card - 10 Pack (Standard) Penetrating Chest Injury Kit Bolin Chest Seal - (Case of 25)
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