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In the state of Texas, according to the Texas Administrative Code for "Requirements for an EMS Provider License", the following medical equipment and supplies are required to be equipped by any Ambulance running in the state of Texas.

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Basic Life Support (BLS)

Oropharyngeal Airways
Portable and Vehicle Mounted Suction
Oxygen Capable Bag Valve Mask
Portable and Vehicle Mounted Oxygen
Dressing and Bandaging Materials
Rigid Cervical Immobilization Devices
Spinal Immobilization Devices
Extremity Splints
Equipment to Meet Special Patient Needs
Equipment for determining and monitoring patient vital signs, condition or response to treatment
Pharmaceuticals, as required by medical director protocols
An External Cardiac Defibrillator appropriate to the staffing level
A patient-transport device capable of being secured to the vehicle
An Epinephrine auto injector or similar device capable of treating anaphylaxis

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

All Required Basic Life Support Equipment
Advanced Airway Equipment
IV Equipment and Supplies
Pharmaceuticals as required by medical director protocols

Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

All Required Basic and Advanced Life Support Equipment
Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator
Pharmaceuticals as required by medical director protocols

Additional Required Supplies and Equipment

A complete and current copy of written protocols approved by the medical director: with a current and complete equipment, supply, and medication list.
Operable Emergency Warning Devices
protective, non-porous gloves
medical eye protection
medical respiratory protection
Medical Protective Gowns or equivalent
Personal cleansing Supplies
Sharps Container
Biohazard Bags
Portable, Batter-Powered Flashlight (not a pen-light)
Mounted Fire Extinguisher
"No Smoking" signs posted in the patient compartment and cab of vehicle
Emergency Response Guide Book (for hazardous materials)