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Activated Charcoal Adenosine Albuterol
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Keterolac Labetalol Lactated Ringers
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Solu-Medrol Sterile Water Thiamine
Dopamine Norepinephrine
Q: What is Required to purchase pharmaceuticals from bemedsupply.com?

A: A verified MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION FORM must be completed by the purchasing organization before shipment of product. This form may be emailed to customerservice@bemedsupply.com or by fax at (877) 215-3791

Q: What if the pharmaceutical isn't listed on your site.

A: Please call a Sales Representative at (210) 731-8390. We are able to special order nonlisted pharmaceuticals on a case by case basis.

Q: Do you accept prescriptions?

A: No we do not, our license allows us to sell pharmaceuticals to those institutions that possess a Medical License or have a physician as a Medical Director

Please Note: Due to the volatile nature of Drug Pricing (prices fluctuate daily) The Prices shown are only an approximation. Any changes in price from your order will be communicated with the purchaser before we fully authorize payment and ship product.

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2% Nitro-Bid® Nitroglycerin Transdermal Ointment - (30g) 2% Nitro-Bid® Nitroglycerin Transdermal Ointment Foil Pack - 1g (48/bx) Adenosine, 3mg/mL - 2mL SDV - Box of 10
Albuterol Sulfate - .083%, 2.5mg/3mL - 30 Vials Albuterol Sulfate - .083%, 2.5mg/3mL - Box(25) Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution, 0.5% - 5 mg/mL - 20mL
Albuterol Sulfate, 0.042%, 1.25 mg / 3 mL - 25 Vials Amiodarone HCl Injection Vial - 50mg/mL (3mL) - Box of 10 Amiodarone HCl, 50mg/mL - 3mL SDV  -  Box of 25
Aplisol PPD Tuberculin Injection 5TU/0.1mL - 1mL Vial Atropine Sulfate 1 mg / 1 mL - 1mL SDV - 25/pk Atropine Sulfate Multiple Dose Injection Vial - .4mg/mL (20mL) - box of 10
Auvi-Q Epinephrine Injection Kit (2 PFS + Trainer) Azithromycin Tablets - 250mg (18/Bx) Azithromycin Tablets, 250mg (30/btl)