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According to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, the minimum equipment required to be on an ambulance are as follows:

i. all IV fluids must be in plastic bags or bottles, not glass bottles, unless medically indicated otherwise;
d. four sets of minidrip tubing;
e. four sets of macrodrip tubing;
f. one set of Y-type blood tubing;
g. two extension tubings;
h. one three-way stop cock;
i. four over-the-needle IV catheters, 14 gauge;
j. four over-the-needle IV catheters, 16 gauge;
k. four over-the-needle IV catheters, 18 gauge;
l. four over-the-needle IV catheters, 20 gauge;
m. four over-the-needle IV catheters, 22 gauge;
n. two venous tourniquets;
o. two syringes, 1 cc w/ .1cc graduations;
p. two syringes, 3cc to 6 cc;
q. two syringes, 10 cc to 12 cc;
r. two syringes, 30 cc w/ leur lock
s. two hypodermic needles, 21 to 23 gauge;
t. two hypodermic needles, 25 to 27 gauge;
u. one EPA or OSHA approved sharps container for use at the patient's side;
v. ten antiseptic solution wipes;
w. one IV pole or roof hook;
x. three arm boards of various sizes; and
y. one supra glotic airway device as approved by the Louisiana EMS Certification Commission.
8. The following must be carried by all paramedic level ambulances:
a. two intra osseus needles of preference;
b. one McGill forceps, adult;
c. one McGill forceps, pediatric;
d. one tube or five packets of water soluble lubricant not containing cellulose;
e. two endotracheal tubes, uncuffed, 3.0 to 3.5;
f. two endotracheal tubes, uncuffed, 4.0 to 4.5;
g. two endotracheal tubes, uncuffed, 5.0 to 5.5;
h. two endotracheal tubes, cuffed, 6.0 to 6.5;
i. two endotracheal tubes, cuffed, 7.0 to 7.5;
j. two endotracheal tubes, cuffed, 8.0 to 8.5;
k. two stylettes, adult;
l. two stylettes, pediatric;
m one laryngoscope handle w/ 1 set of spare batteries and bulbs, or two disposable handle units;
n. one laryngoscope blade, Size 0, straight, or two disposable blades, Size 0, straight;
o. one laryngoscope blade, Size 1, straight, or two disposable blades, Size 1, straight;
p. one laryngoscope blade, Size 2, straight, or two disposable blades, Size 2, straight;
q. one laryngoscope blade, Size 3, straight or curved, or two disposable blades, Size 3, straight or curved;
r. one laryngoscope blade, Size 4, straight or curved, or two disposable, Size 4, straight or curved;
s. one cardiac monitor defibrillator with paper strip recorder;
t. two sets defib pads or gel;
u. one set of lead cables;
v. two sets of disposable monitoring electrodes;
w. one glucometer, CLIA approved;
x. two end tidal CO2 detection or monitoring devices;
y. analgesic:
i. one aspirin 5 grain or four 81 mg;
ii. morphine *, 10 mg/ml;
z. anti-arrhythmic:
i. five Adenosine, 6 mg;
ii. four Atropine, pf, 1 mg;
iii. one Calcium Chloride, 10 percent, 1 gram;
iv. three Amiodorone (pre-filled), 150 mg or four Lidocaine,100 mg pf bolus;
v. one Lidocaine, pm, 1 gram;
aa. anti-convulsive:
i. one Valium *, 10 mg/2 ml;
ii. two Mag Sulfate, 2 grams;
bb. anti-histamine:
i. one Benadryl, 50 mg;
cc. bronco-dilators:
i. one Albuterol , 2.5 mg*;
dd. cardio-vascular:
i. two Dopamine, pm, 200 mg;
ii. three NTG, .4mg Tablet or spray;
ee. diabetic control:
i. two D50W, 50 cc;
ii. two Glucagon, 1 mg;
ff. loop diuretic:
i. two Bumex, 2 mg or two Lasix, 80 mg;
gg. narcotic antagonist:
i. Naloxone, 2mg;
hh. vasopressors, 12 mg total;
i. at least two Epinephrine, 1 mg 1:1000;
ii. at least two Epinephrine, 1 mg 1:10000; and
iii. Vasopressin, 1 mg (optional).
NOTE: *or alternative medication approved by the appropriate parish or component medical society.