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The MedSource ET Stylet is constructed of a malleable metal core that is coated in plastic, making it easy to shape.

The stylet features a flexible soft distal tip that reduces risk of patient trauma, and a low-friction coating makes it easy to withdraw from the endotracheal tube.

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Endotracheal Tube - (Un-Cuffed) Endotracheal Tube (Cuffed)
Available in sizes: 2.0-2.5-3.0-3.5-4.0-4.5-5.0-5.5 - 6.0mm Available in sizes: 5.0-5.5-6.0-6.5-7.0-7.5-8.0-8.5-9.0-10.0mm
Endotracheal Tube (Cuffed w/ Stylet) Endotracheal Tube (Un-Cuffed w/ Stylet)
Available in sizes: 5.5-6.0-6.5-7.0-7.5-8.0-8.5-9.0-9.5-10.0mm Available in sizes: 2.0-2.5-3.0-3.5-4.0-4.5-5.0-5.5-6.0mm