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The Paulsen Airway
The Paulsen Airway


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Not all airways are created the same. The new Paulsen Airway is shaped anatomically to the patient's airway - engineered to create a path for free flowing gases. The Airway has a rapid evacuation port with a patented design that removes airway secretions quickly, while the unique lateral channels remain open to allow gases to free flow, providing for adequate gas exchange.


Multidimensional Suction Port
Evacuates airway secretions quickly and efficently deep in the hypopharyngeal region with no adverse tissue disturbance.

Side Suction Ports
Contiguous to the main port and add suction power while eliminating suction tissue adherence.

Rapid suction Evacuation Port
Attaches quickly and effortlessly to standard suction tubing, decreasing suction reaction time to eliminate aspiration potential. The Airway engages the large (1.5x the size of standard suction devices) midline channel to clear airway secretions deep into the hypopharynx without stimulation.

Nasal Cannula Groove
features rounded edges on the nasal cannula groove, providing easy hook up for conventional nasal cannula oxygenation from all sides of the port. Oxygen will flow freely through the lateral channels to maintain oxygenation needs.

Why is The Paulsen Airway Better?
Traditional suction catheters can be difficult to reach deep into patient’s airways. Utilizing the traditional system can lead to repeated attempts to properly place the suction catheters, which increases airway secretions, bleeding, trauma, or pharyngeal reflex stimulation. The Paulsen Airway™ combines the airway with suction, placing the suction exactly where it needs to be, making the procedure safer and more comfortable for the patient.
The Paulsen Airway

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